For the Government of Mexico, it is a priority that our nationals in the United States have the necessary tools to protect and to develop economically and to integrate it into the communities in which they live. As you know, some of the challenges facing the Mexican community in the United States are the lack of information about the use of financial services or products, how to access them, how to translate them and the mistrust Towards the banks.

The purpose of the Financial Advisory Window (VAF) is to provide training and guidance on how to protect heritage, as well as free financial and educational advice in Spanish, in order to increase the financial education of the Mexican community. The mechanism of the (VAF) is to establish a face-to-face space in the consulates to disseminate, inform and provide comprehensive advice to Mexican community services available in local institutions in the United States.

DAS Foundation was chosen as the organization most qualified to receive this great responsibility and consolidate it as a successful initiative of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME).

Principales topics of the VAF Program:

1.    Access to reliable financial services
2.    Opening of accounts in both the US and Mexico
3.    Savings and financial health strategies
4.    Adequate payment of taxes
5.    Acquisition and payment of housing
6.    Appropriate tools for sending money to Mexico
7.    Investment and entrepreneurial options
8.    Access and management of credits
9.    Procedures for the return to Mexico (household goods, sale of properties in the USA) 
10.    Alternatives that add value to remittances
11.    Opening new businesses and legal entities

What is the Financial Advisory Window (VAF)?